Shhh...Mental Illness The Silent Disease


Mental Illness: The Silent Disease

In today's world, there is mental illness all around us. At the heart of that is often a caregiver offering their support to a loved one who is struggling.

This book provides hope that there are brighter days ahead, and that there is always beauty found amidst the broken.

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"Griffiths book is brutally honest in sharing the truth of how the one afflicted will unknowingly expose their caregivers to the same depravity that holds them captive."
Dominic P. Herbst, Psychologist, M.A.,M.S.,Author

"Griffiths gets it. She has walked a rugged path no parent wants to walk. She authentically shares portions of her personal journal along with hard earned wisdom and scriptures God gave her along the way."
Dena Yohe, Co-founder of Hope for Hurting Parents, Author

"With refreshing honesty, painful vulnerability, practical wisdom and biblical insights, K.T. Griffiths opens her heart about the reality and hope of living with a child with mental illness."
Robin McMillan, Pastor, Queen City Church, Author

"I never knew anyone was suffering the way I was. Shhh... helped me feel normal again."


K. T. Griffiths offers her first book, a memoir, to all those who faced the realities of life and parenting. As a mother of 6 children, she has been tried and tested in so many ways that this book became a necessity. People know her for her wisdom, honesty, and authentic empathy for the plight of others. It is exactly this trait that has equipped her in this book to introduce you to chaos of the mind amidst life’s relational struggles and emerge stronger than before.